magnus opus

I am in the playground. Neil Reid runs faster because he keeps his hands stiff like a robot. It is hot. The sun
is bright in my eyes; the high pitched noise takes over my mind and my heart starts pushing pounding blood
so that my body is just a fragile shakey throb, everything becomes too bright, I am just the noise, I am aware
of hitting the ground and the horizon of the playground raising up to meet me, and then I am floating away
above the school and I know I am protected and that I am close to my real family, the benign watchers, the
cradles, my mother and father.

..we must clarify that all Gods are anthropomorphised frequency that are accessed in human consciousness in these forms. Sacred Geometry is also representative of pure information. Light and sound are not information but vessels that carry information. 

The coke lady wore a thick skin of thirty years worth of smut. 

Me and my dog Ziggy lived next door to the Pearly King and Queen of Hackney, on the Murder Mile. 

Once a year the Pearly King and Queen of Hackney would step out in their resplendent garms, monochrome suits and neon ostrich feathers. They shone with the tradition of generational taking care, stories and monikers and places passed down. Cockney Royalty. 

The coke lady lived in a house on the same street. Her house windows were blackened with soot, the door was blackened with soot, she was a tiny thing, completely thick black with soot; her clothes, hair, skin, hands and boots were entirely black with coal soot. Two bright blue eyes peered out. 

Passing on the street was like spying a myth, a real-life charwoman, a unicorn, a leprechaun, a She. I would hold my breath and lower my lids and peer up through my eyelashes and the Cokelady would hustle by, louder than life, shining with her own legacy of old London, maybe more regal than the feathered Pearlies, certainly more strange, certainly more magical. 

I heard they took her to Homerton hospital and washed her clean and a few days later that the coke lady died.


[25/03/2020, 10:53:11] Beatrice Brown: The house I grew up in, in Tottenham looked over a cheap pink cinema that has chewing gum on the floor and ice cream girls in the alleyways and was 2.50£ to go

[25/03/2020, 10:53:32] Beatrice Brown: These big old red womb theatres

[25/03/2020, 10:53:59] Beatrice Brown: I used to go all the time

[25/03/2020, 10:54:26] Beatrice Brown: ET, Star Wars, the fox and the hound, Bambi rerelease

[25/03/2020, 10:54:31] Beatrice Brown: Legend

[25/03/2020, 10:54:43] Beatrice Brown: The princess bride

[25/03/2020, 10:54:57] Beatrice Brown: Labyrinth

[25/03/2020, 10:56:00] Beatrice Brown: And then in my early teens my and my gf would go watch anything with Keanu Reeves or River Phoenix

[25/03/2020, 10:56:25] Beatrice Brown: When it shut down my mates did a three day illegal rave in it

[25/03/2020, 10:56:41] Beatrice Brown: This is a recurring dream place for me

[25/03/2020, 10:56:55] Beatrice Brown: The Coronet

[25/03/2020, 10:58:11] Stevan: I love that

[25/03/2020, 10:59:18] Beatrice Brown: I used to sneak in the back door when I had no money

[25/03/2020, 10:59:25] Stevan: I can just imagine how much magic is crammed in there for you

[25/03/2020, 11:02:26] Beatrice Brown: The ice cream girls were actually at least 50years old with blue rinse beehives and everybody smoked including them while they sold you your ice cream

[25/03/2020, 11:07:35] Stevan: Yes, but the six-year-old you thought they were angels

[25/03/2020, 11:07:52] Beatrice Brown: Yes

[25/03/2020, 11:08:19] Beatrice Brown: I loved anything or anybody that had some glamour

[25/03/2020, 11:09:19] Stevan: I can imagine!

I will not weep on my knees at the crux of a FOOL illusion no more- behold now for the birth of the 4000ft Mary is at hand – and I will drive out the pestilent fears from your mind, this tar sand is exhausted, no work will be done that will not be in the will of one, and all done against will be pitiful and in vain. There is no energy left in the universe for such fuckery. I speak now because you have ears to hear me finally, and I am transubstantiating into all video, creole, cellular, treacle, rosebugs, eggdawn, timeline, artery, breastmilk, estuary, RNA, meat, wood, sonic, deepfake, propolis, 5G, magenta, menstrual, moon chamber, celebrity island, poverty, rape scene, engine, heart chakra, wisdom, saltwater, 8 density transmission, protest, binding, regression, core wound, trigger, Bilderberg, birdsong, ancestor, jungle, iris, ApplePay, ice cubes, DaveDave, AirPods, COVID, fried liver, graveyard, binary, codex, St Micheal, Black Madonna, formaldehyde, augmentation, street sign, parsley, eyelash, dicksucker, oil spill, noodle bar, lichen, coral, embryo, axe wound, Livestream, hatred, nuclear, quantum, partition, boredom, future, blue ball. 

Watch when the switches spark from fright to deity as Hope is fear and Faith is Knowledge, the points are coming, the river is wild, you are the Dreamweaver, we put you in a chrysalis so you might breathe dream some wings, blessed Uriel, blessed is Gabriel, non-human/human, blessed is Ganesh, blessed is all blood and light and sound as boats to carry the song of One, as technology to carry a frequency of One- each day awaken and say, how am I to be of service?

God is Present in all things.