Words are scum, light is a boat, history sour cream, 
Your mouth is a black hole mother and a tube of womaness, 
A mechanical pogrom has defiled your heavenly mind

Even still i write loveletters to the child on fire, 
her bandaged weeping skin, 
And deep lungs that reject air, 
Cocked grandiouse head of dreams and splits and roses
mouth a defiant radio
Her heart that visibly beats in her limbs as she skips
for the newly dead 

Words are bastards, polluted, sullied, trash, 
Your mouth is a whole and the sound a key that untethers
The Sumerian Me 
Unhooked then the eye drifts out, there is a body shaking,
Her body is shaking

My consciousness is a helium heliograph antennae
That I clutch and on the finest thread it bobs and bursts
far up there

All the old masters know this dance
I pour cream over the lemon 
Earth is so loud it hurts
There are angels always singing in my ears

I dig holes to pretend I am here
Sound is a shapeshifter
Underneath it all, within it all, information forms 
and reforms and remembers like Osiris.  

We are clay clay drawn up from the sea
Words are Scum on the surface

Humanities primary function, sacred life pattern; to live sustainably with all life, planet Earth, and the ever changing cosmos, has been disrupted into unhealth from the colonial falsehood that we can OWN anything. Through an energetic metaphysical lens the idea of ‘owning’ is also akin to ‘fixing’ ie. Keeping the same, which leads us into the landscape of materialism, rational hierarchy and eventually fascist rhetoric. ‘Owning’ also begets ‘trading’ (capitalism, slavery) and ‘defending’ (inequality, weaponisation, conflict, borders, hierarchy, patriarchy and all other fear based reactions to the dis-ease that stems from extraction and covetousness). The idea that we can hold reality in a clenched fist that it might belong to us has led to the development of the most profoundly evil weapons systems in recent history (mechanical, economic, biological, chemical, psionic, majickal, psychological, social). 

Ownership begins with the materialist idea that consciousness is created by the brain system, that our head is our own private property, our primary territory that must be defended, and it moves outward from there, ‘their experience is different from mine ergo they are mad’, ‘her body is more important than his body’, ‘my ideology is more valid than yours’ etc.  Outward from the body, into the political, the community, the land, the cosmos; demarcation after demarcation, disassociation after dissociation, fortification after fortification, wall after wall. 

Decolonising our consciousness is how we begin to decolonise the planet and release these structures of unhealth out of our field. God/s exist/s outside of hierarchy, lands, humans, nature systems, cultures, all the beauty of Earth’s diversity; all exist in more expansive peace than that which we have created in this here and now. 

To love another, to love all beings, is to sometimes have to prevent those from inhabiting the pattern of ‘Coloniser’. Prevention does not mean further conflict. It is a radical process of peaceful prevention, and reintegration that enables those acting from a ‘coloniser’ pattern in order to transform the cycle of (self) harm into (self) love for humanity. The fundamental foundation of this prevention would be a global disarmament of all military systems, an end of the commodification of suffering via war, weapons and genocide. Until this is achieved we will all be complicit in the continued contract desired by the frequency of evil, and dismantling adjacent symptoms such as racism, state violence, trauma based mind control, sexual abuse, ecocide, class oppression and oppression of all facets of humanity and other life systems will be illusive, temporary and inconclusive. The unifying principle humans should work towards is complete global disarmament, from this many forms of spiritual disease will be soothed.

What is the pattern of ‘Coloniser’? One description of this frequency pattern is the mechanism of the false matrix, a dimension of reality that behaves as a parasite. It behaves as a parasite by primarily feeding on negative frequencies from embodied (3-4D) life/light sources (all but not only humans), it protects itself by codexes of camouflage, shame, ‘othering’= blame/negation, guilt, and denial, it feeds itself by enabling structures (violence, surveillance, genocide) that create negative frequencies within embodied life sources.

Nearly every human on earth has an internalised ‘Coloniser’ pattern that they are either running subconsciously, actively running or painfully extracting themselves from via a healing process of awakening, memory retrieval and integration. Many are working on their own, but healing is swifter and deeper within a held intentional circle of community. Language can be a form of medicine when encoded with a frequency of life, specifically describing methods towards firstly, mapping the territory of where we are, and then describing steps towards realisation of new forms of reality creation. Language, narrative and the written word are a small fraction of ways in which this healing frequency is expressed between humans and from other beings of consciousness. Dreaming, perceiving, sensing, resting, moving, being in silence, in nature, in ceremony, visioning, praying, listening, imagining, feeling are all powerful tools towards amplifying this process on Earth. This process is available to all in any capacity under any circumstances.